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Deeteza, Portrait by Sherry Szmigiel

Portrait of Deeteza
by artist Sherry Szmigiel of Pawsitive Portraits.


Relationships and Heart Connections

(The following was given through Dawn in 2004)

My deepest connection to you has always been through your heart. Telepathy after all is a language of the heart, not of the mind. A lot has been spoken about heart connections but little has been assimilated into the physical life experience of most people. Many people have viewed the “new age” movement as a bunch of tree hugging lunatics. How little they have understood that principle.

The Earth has a soul as well as a body, just as all life forms. That soul communicates within itself and to its physical part through the absolute clearest channel of communication – the heart. Humans have historically lost their way regarding anything to do with the heart. Your experience has been totally and completely based on the knowledge of the brain. Thinking, it has been said, is the ability that separates humans from all other life forms. You are going to be seeing that shifting and, in many cases, abruptly changing. The new reality we are moving within at this time is one based on the language of the heart. The ability to feel, experience, and be absorbed back into the heart of the Earth herself. Everything, and I do mean everything, in Life is a part of a whole. We are all one, all a part of each other. To connect with any one part is to connect to the whole.

Your relationships are of great importance to your growth at this time. Many of you will experience and are currently experiencing a heightened awareness of your relationships. You will be more aware, for example, of your hearts desires and inclinations. The connection of people with their animals is important in all of this as the animals embrace the heart without judgment, and conditions. The human heart reaches for this connection as for a much needed tonic. It is like that for the animals as well as they understand the heart connection and desire for all hearts to join up together. But people need to connect with each other. You may suddenly be aware of deep friendships/heart connections forming with people that have been on your periphery. You are all drawn together for many reasons. As your hearts begin to connect and love one another for the true beauty that each of you exhibits and expresses, the heart of the Earth will reach further out to you. As this mass beat synchronizes, literally all Life will be beating in rhythm and unison. At this moment, a healing that has never been experienced before will occur. Each and every life form joining in this experience knows this on a very deep level. You have chosen to be alive now for this experience which will be and is a tremendous force.

Many of you will experience this heart connection as a surrendering to the heart, breaking forth from the self-imposed chains keeping the heart in place. Love is a most incredible feeling. It captures the essence of the heart. It is the heart of the heart if you can imagine that. Focus on your relationships. Experience that love and let yourself soar and climb to the very heights so many of you try so desperately to stay away from.

Humans are the one species on the Earth that have put so many conditions on their love. For example, you have so many social rules telling you who you may or may not love. You create types of love. The animals understand that love just is. There is only one type of love, pure and simple. Yet, humans have created types of love, degrees of love, rules to whom you can and can not love. You have friendship love, parental love, familial love, romantic love just as some examples. And then within each of those types of love you have developed accepted levels of love. The highest one of these levels you have delegated to romantic love yet you have also then regulated that form of love the most. Your religions and laws have regulated who you may love, and under what conditions. To put regulations on love is an absurdity that will begin to become more clear to all of you. Your society is beginning to feel the tug of that shift already.

Very few humans have allowed themselves to feel the complete surrender to love and its completeness. If you were doing that, you would feel the power of love in all of your relationships whether friend or lover or family member. You would be able to feel yourself soaring high just to be physically with whom you share a heart connection. That is indeed what the animals already are doing. It is part of the magic which draws people to them. It is more than loving unconditionally, it is loving whole heartedly. And it is the most natural thing that you can do. Love is a natural occurrence, as much as breathing is. You shouldn’t have to think about it. You should just be doing it. So many of you will feel love for another and instantly pull back as if what you are feeling is wrong, taboo, not right, ungodly. Yet I emphatically tell you now that it is most godly to love and to express that love. It is most godly to connect and let your hearts communicate. One should not feel a heart connection and then think about if it is right or not. You should not have to worry about what social rule may or may not be imposed if you let your heart be free. To stifle the heart is to smother the soul. You all must wake up to this reality.

Your relationships will begin to feel more intense as this shift occurs. Because indeed you will be falling in love anew. The human heart longs to “fall in love.” It is because in that moment you allow your heart to surrender to its own understanding. You allow your heart to live and breathe. The human heart is the most regulated of hearts in the universe. Yet to deregulate the heart shakes up all sorts of fears in people. After all, you can’t just go around loving everyone! What will the neighbors think? Remember, you can’t be a tree hugger! If you truly were to deregulate the heart, and I really believe you will, you all would be hugging the trees, as well as each other.

To go into a world based on love, you must make the journey from the heart. For those of you coming from the heart, following the heart’s yearnings, you will have the easier journey. If you come from the brain, intellect, and try to think your way through this, you will have a much bumpier ride. The three most powerful words in the human language are either thrown around without feeling or once again reserved for just very special occasions. The words “I love you” do activate a connection to the heart directly when they are spoken from the heart. But again you have all these social rules as to when you can say those words and with what intention, inflection, and anything else you can dream up.

Your relationships are of great importance to your future. It is not how many relationships you have but how freely you share your hearts together. If you are feeling drawn to a connection with another, it is because you each have something to offer each other on a heart level. When you deny these connections, you are each denying a part of the healing being sent to you. You all come with gifts for one another. But so often you do not share them for fear of rejection or being misunderstood. How can love ever be misunderstood. The language of the heart is very clear. It is completely pure. It is ever growing and expanding. It is alive. It flows. Because it is forever moving, many of you translate that as being something you can not trust. Think of love as being a moving river. Jump in and it will carry you right along with it safely. Try to contain it and it will move through and over the dam. Try to fight it and you will feel ripped apart by the current. You will float within love with a buoyancy that is as sure and safe as anything you could ever know.

Allow yourself to feel the longings of your heart. Your heart is the one pure connection you have to God. It is the part that you all share together. When two hearts connect, in what ever manner, there is an excitement that you feel. You feel a revitalization in your life. Yet you then deny that feeling or feel ashamed or embarrassed, especially when you really do think the other person is feeling a connection as well. Why do you feel shy when the hearts connect? Is it because you have now been seen for who you truly are and accepted and loved for who you are?

Many fear that if they jump into love that they will lose themselves in the process. Lose control. I will dare to tell you, that you haven’t found yourself until you have lived from the heart. You each exist within your heart, not the other way around. When you do connect with another through the heart, you are indeed seeing each other for the beautiful beings that you are. Why do you think people feel so good around their animals? We see you for who you are without conditions. You could do that with each other as well, if only you would take the chains off of your heart and be willing to go with the flow. If only you could let yourself “fall in love” and “fall” into each other. Can you imagine your world if all of you loved one another and truly loved one another?

Love is the force, the miracle, that makes so many things happen out in nature. It is the force behind the blooming of the flower for example. It is the brightness behind the sun. The blue in the sky. The beauty in a snowflake. The gentleness of a breeze. The force of the wind. It is the life force itself. When you feel that newness of a heart connection it is as if a flower bursts force within your heart. You can feel your soul dancing in the warmth. Flow with that feeling. Let it grow. Let it expand. Don’t hide from it, stifle it, put it away. Let it breathe. That spark is within all things. Find it. Nurture it. And then let it live. You need to set your hearts free. Kick off the shells and chains around your hearts and let them fly high into the sky.