Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary
Happy Hearth Spay/Neuter Program

The Over-Population Problem

Theoretically, if the progeny of just one litter, of just one cat, go unspayed, unneutered, in seven years you will have 420,000 cats. Just one cat. Just one litter.

In the case of dogs, if the progeny of just one litter, of just one dog go unspayed, unneutered, in six years you will have 65,000 dogs. Just one dog. Just one litter.

Of course these are theoretical figures. In reality, caring owners spay or neuter some of the progeny, while disease, abuse, abandonment and accidents take others. But we are still talking many tens of thousands of dogs and cats which result in a seven-year period from just one litter of just one cat or just one dog.

Each year about 6-8 million perfectly healthy, dogs, cats, kittens and puppies are “put to sleep” -- in other words killed -- in pounds and shelters throughout the United States.

Another estimated 20 million dogs and cats wander as strays – born wild, or lost, or abandoned – all hungry, terrified, living in desperation on the edge, often sick, and/or dying in all sorts of horrible manners.

Happy Hearth Spay/Neuter Program

In the year 2000, Spring Farm CARES launched a major campaign of financial assistance and public education re: spay/neuter. Each spay or neuter has prevented the births of tens of thousands of future "unwanteds." By January of 2013, Spring Farm CARES had paid in whole or in part for the spay/neuter of over 70,000 cats and dogs, primarily in the Oneida County area.

Cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, should be treasures, not items to be used and abused and then discarded and/or incinerated like trash. Spay/neuter is the quickest answer to an overpopulation problem which is not only tragic and cruel for the animals, but extremely expensive for municipalities and society in general. Countless millions of your tax dollars are spent each year on catching, keeping, and killing stray and "unwanted" animals. It’s ridiculous. And unacceptably cruel.

Our vouchers are based on family income and financial need and are limited to residents of Oneida County, NY.

Note: Our funds are budgeted, and only a certain amount is available each month. However, donations received that are in addition to budgeted funds are immediately allocated to the current month, to spay/neuter as many animals as possible as quickly as possible and/or to continue educating the public. Your donations are very much needed and will immediately, and in full, be used to actually educate and/or spay/neuter.

For information on our program or to request assistance, please call our spay/neuter office at (315) 737-8035, Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm.