Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary
Animal Messages
December 31, 2016

Inspirational Messages from our Animals

Every day from Thanksgiving thru December 31, we will post a message from one of the Spring Farm CARES animal residents. This is their gift to all of you to help beat the holiday blahs, the commercialism, and to remind us of what truly is important. Animals are great at reminding us to be in the present moment. Their loving insights on what is most meaningful to them is truly inspirational.
(All messages are through Animal Communicator, and SFC co-founder Dawn Hayman.)

We hope you enjoy and all of us wish you a happy and peaceful Holiday Season!


The animals were all asked to respond to this question:
If you had one wish for yourself, humanity, or the world, what would it be?


December 31, 2016

Sawyer, horseSawyer: The sun will come up tomorrow no matter if I am here or not. The world will keep going with or without me. But what matters most to me is how I live while I am here. People have rarely seen me for who I am. Instead, they have tried to make me who they think I should be. When I no longer could be what they thought I should, then they sent me on my way. You can say that I was lost. You can say that I was forgotten. But the pain that ate away at me was that no one saw me for me. I wish that you could start your day knowing the strength of who you are and the beauty that lives within you. Because even though the sun will come up tomorrow with or without you, the world is a different place because you are here. 



December 30, 2016

Lionel, catLionel: I would wish for the world to be more patient and more kind. I have lots of experience handling young roustabouts in my room. I have also experienced what it is like to be castaway with nowhere to turn. The two things I used to wish for in my life was a family and a home. I have both of those now. My wishes came true. But I also believe now that I can help others with feeling better in life too. When I see another cat that is lost in this world, I offer the help that I can. I wish people would do that for each other too. You’d be way better off.




December 29, 2016

Charlie Brown, Cocker SpanielCharlie Brown: I wish the world could learn more about forgiveness. It seems so many hold on to past hurts. I’ve had to learn this first hand and I’m not yet good at this myself. I sometimes am known to be just a tad too quick to respond when I get aggravated. Patience has not always been my strong suit. Yet, when people show me patience and respect for my feelings, I can more easily find my way. I wish that people could learn how to be more peaceful. I think the world would be a better place. 







December 28, 2016

Clyde, draft horse mixClyde: I wish my horse mother could know what happened to me. She was hoping something good would find me in my life. She gave up a lot of her life helping people. But to do that, she also had to give up knowing me. People don’t think about that. They don’t realize we have relationships too. I was bitter about that for a while. But it took some time for me to realize that you really don’t understand. I wish that people could understand that all living things have relationships and feelings. To deny everyone else’s feelings is to deny your own soul. We all have feelings and we all have relationships that are important to us. I wish we all could be more gentle about things. 





December 27, 2016

Georgie, catGeorgie: I wish that we could all take a rest knowing that everyone is safe and has all they need in life to succeed. I wish everyone could feel heard. I wish everyone could feel. Sometimes I watch the sun come up in the morning and feel so fulfilled to have a chance to live another day. But it wasn’t always like that for me. My wish is that anyone feeling overwhelmed by life could find a moment of comfort and safety and hope. And I wish that all who have that in their lives already could lend a hand to those who don’t. What a different world we would have.




December 26, 2016

Belle, Morgan Horse mareBelle: I have lived a long time now. Most people would consider me to be a failure. I’ve been difficult they say. I’ve never lived up to any role anyone ever asked of me as a horse. I was labeled a failure. But I didn’t become hateful of you. I am grateful because I ended up here where nothing was asked of me except who I am and what I need. That change in my life provided me with the space to really live. And from that space, I can tell you what I wish for because it is a wish I carry deep in my heart. I wish you all could feel the love that Mother Earth has for you. And I wish that you could know that until you feel worthy of that love, you will continue to destroy the very being who nurtures you and loves you without conditions. I believe you can do it. Because it is what some have done for me. 





December 25, 2016 - Merry Christmas

Magic, goatMagic: My wish is that we can all remember that our friends who have gone ahead of us into spirit are really still right here with us. When we remember them and smile, they are smiling right through us. When we feel their warmth and love and remember how that made us feel, that is because they are sending that to our hearts. The world would be a stronger place if we all knew and understood that love is eternal. That is my wish.






December 24, 2016

Blackjack, catBlackjack: I do have a wish and that is for peace and understanding. It is very hard to watch what people do to one another. If we put too many of you in a room, you start tearing each other apart. You push each other around. You see what you can get out of situations rather than seeing how you can all succeed together. You fight over toys. You fight over food. You fight over each other. You never seem to just want to rest in the sun and purr. You are often difficult to understand and you don’t communicate well with each other. And you are very quick to judge when a member of any other species does the same as you would do. But we still love and respect you for who you are. My wish? My wish is that you could do the same, for each other, for the animals, and for the planet as a whole. 



December 23, 2016

Mabel, donkeyMabel: I wish people would understand that making any being feel less than who they are or to treat them in a way that makes them fear you is beneath the dignity of the beautiful species you are. To belittle others only belittles yourself. You push and shove and hurt one another as if it didn’t matter. I wish you could see how much it matters. And I wish somehow I could help you.







December 22, 2016

Misty, catMisty: If I could wish for anything in life, I’d wish that I could keep discovering all there is to discover in this life. I have found so much in this life that it is hard to imagine I could have done so much. I wish for grace as I leave this world and enter the next to be able to move forward and take with me all that I have learned. And I wish for peacefulness for the world. This is a good world. I have learned that very well in this life. It is a good world. Don’t lose sight of that in your confusion. 





December 21, 2016

Shawnee, HorseShawnee: I wish for light to fill the darkest corners so that no one ever has to feel alone. I wish that there would be no one cast away without hope. I wish that everyone could reach out to just one other and be the change that they need in that moment. It can be something so easy and simple to change a life in an instant by just being a kind soul to someone who has lost all hope. Kindness. I wish that kindness could find its way back into the spotlight of the world. It is far easier to be kind than it is to be mean. And I wish for lots of grass to eat and roll in. I have to be practical too. 



December 20, 2016

Jake, lab/chow mixJake: If I had a wish it would be a selfish one. I would wish for time to slow down and give me just a bit longer to savor everything I love in life. My body is getting slower but time doesn’t slow down with it. I can’t quite think as fast, yet life goes on just as fast as ever and I don’t seem to be able to keep up.  And then, something will happen to remind me that this isn’t all there is. I am not trapped in this body.  This body is just a small part of me. When my collars have worn out, it didn’t mean that I was no longer able to live. I just got a new collar. This body is like that too. I am more than this body just as I was never defined by my collar. So I wish for patience and tolerance and the wisdom to remember I am way more than what I can see.





December 19, 2016

Ginny, Standardbred mareGinny: My wish is that no one would have to ever be misused again. We all have worth in this world and hold a place for a purpose that sometimes we ourselves don’t truly understand. But that is what life is all about. We are all out here trying to figure out who we are, why we are here, and what we are doing. No one of us, animal or human, are less deserving than any other. I’ve known great pain and now I know the joy of comfort. My wish is that all of my other fellow beings on this planet could find comfort too. 







December 18, 2016

Lucy, BunnyLucy, Bunny: I wish that we could all dream a common dream and wake up and make it come true. I think sometimes too many wishes are made but not enough effort is put into making them happen. So my wish is that I wish we could turn our wishes into actions. Bunny wisdom is simple really. Humans make life so complicated sometimes.





December 17, 2016

Dusty, catDusty: I wish that people would sing more. Cats know how to sing and we do it so well. From purring our songs or meowing at just the right time, we can make even the most tense of situations easier. You humans get yourselves wound up in a little ball of fury and then like a spring you just unwind without any care about those around you sometimes. I like humans very much. But I wish you could like yourselves more too. I wish we could sing together more. 







December 16, 2016

Mary Beth, DonkeyMary Beth: I wish everyone could know what it feels like to be grateful for every breath you take. I wish you could understand how lucky we are to stand beneath the stars at night and to think about the amazing mystery of what is beyond them. I wish you could truly appreciate standing in the rays of the sun and feeling it warm your body to the core. You seem to ignore these things. I wish you wouldn’t. Because when you do it makes you careless with this planet and it hurts all of the rest of us.






December 15, 2016

Daisy, sheepDaisy: I wish that people could feel the same connection to the Earth that I do. I wish that they could know how blessed we all are to live here and to be alive. I wish you could feel alive – really alive. Sometimes I stand out in the sun and feel the warmth fill my whole body and I breathe deeply and feel thankful to be alive. I wish everyone could feel that and not just run around trying to gather up all the riches so that others end up with nothing. That makes no sense to me. But people are strange creatures. 






December 14, 2016

David, catDavid: My wish is that people could learn to get along like we do here in my cat room. Yes, we have differences now and then and little scuffles. But we understand in the end that each of us in this room has a special place here in life. O’Malley cat can make me frustrated sometime because he has such a big pushy presence. But when I most need reassurance, I go sleep next to him. You see, I can appreciate his energy. I wish people could learn to appreciate one another. Just because someone may annoy you doesn’t mean that they don’t have something amazing to offer you. 








December 13, 2016

Charlie, ponyCharlie: My wish is that I could be able to really thank people for making my life safe again. I used to stand alone in a field beneath stars and wish that someone would find me and love me. I felt so alone. I wished to be a part of something greater than my despair. That wish came true for me when I came here. I didn’t think it ever would. But it did. Now my wish is that I could properly express to people what that means to me and that they would know the worth they have in this world. Not just because they love me, but because it is their love that defines them as the people they are. I wish they could see that. 




December 12, 2016

Luna, goatLuna: I wish that I could open the feed box to get treats when I want them. But I know that is not ok to wish for and its not what you are asking. Although, it is true! I wish that people could see me for my humor and laugh. I love making people laugh. When people are laughing or smiling, they remember how to be kind. When they are not remembering laughter, they can be very mean. I wish that people could find their own joy and kindness. We’d all be a lot better off. Oh, and can I wish for people to send me peppermints. Because I REALLY like peppermints! 




December 11, 2016

Felix, donkeyFelix: I wish that the world would not have to know hunger and despair. Hunger can cause an emptiness that even when fed can never truly be filled or healed. I wish that no one had to feel hopeless ever again. I once was starving and nearly died. Then I found healing and abundance. But I have never forgotten what it feels like to know despair and desperation. When you help another feel safe and nurtured in life, if even for a moment, you could be exactly the force that changes their life forever. I wish we could all find that and be that for each other. 







December 10, 2016

Ryder, catRyder: I wish everyone could experience the kind of friendship that reaches deep inside to the darkest places where we hide our fears that no one else can see. The friend who simply comes in and sits there and says, “It’s ok, I’m here too.” I was lucky to have such a friend and he changed my life forever.  Although he left his physical body and I miss him, his friendship still lights the dark corners inside of myself so that I don’t have to be afraid. I wish now that I can be that friend for someone else. And I wish that everyone could find this too.







December 9, 2016

Promises, Arabian marePromises: My wish is for humanity. I think this is a great question. I’m honored you asked me. I’ve been around humans my entire life of course. But I truly have liked connecting with all of you. Humans at their finest are very aligned to the heart of the horse. We are brothers and sisters to you. Yet, most of you do not see that. Those of you who do, understand how the horse heart resonates deep within the human heart. We offer you a truth and safety to rest within your own hearts. Because we know how to do that within the heart of the Earth herself. We can help reconnect you to the truth of who you are. So ask yourselves then, why do you see to coral us and break us of our freedom to love you. My wish is that you will remember our connection. The horse heart and the human heart depend on one another. I wish you could see this.




December 8, 2016

Hannah, pit bull beagle mixHannah: I have a wish for the world. I wish the world could know what I have learned to understand in this lifetime. That fighting is not a sign of strength. That love is truly the answer to all of the questions you could even think to ask. That a friend is worth more to you than a mirror. That questions are meant to be asked. Truth is meant to be told. Love is meant to be shown and given with wild abandon. And life, all of life, is precious. I wish everyone could know that to the very core of their beings. The world would be such a calmer reflection of herself, just like I am a calmer and more gentler version of who I once thought I was. 



December 7, 2016

Murfee donkeyMurfee: Oh boy. My mother told me I should participate in this. But I don’t know what to say. I know that I am here to do big things in life. In fact, that is why I came here. But I got myself a little confused at first. I kept wishing I didn’t have to be a kid. I just wanted to get to the good stuff – the reason why I’m here. But I’ve discovered that I have lots to learn. Before I can speak, I need to listen. Before I can run, I need to walk. So, before I can wish for anything, I need to discover what it is I have. Ask me again next year, and the next and the next and we’ll see where I am.





December 6, 2016

Olivia, catOlivia: This is a big question. Many years ago, I lost my leg when someone set a trap out and I stepped into it. You might think that I’d wish to have my leg back. But actually what matters more to me is how to show my gratitude for what I do have and not to be wishing for something out of regret. Wishes should never be made by looking backwards but instead wishes should be about moving forward. I wish everyone could know the care that has been shown to me. I have a home. I have a safe place to be. And I know that getting here might have been a tough road to walk. But the walk brought me to exactly where I needed to be. I wish you the same.




December 5, 2016

Frankie, ponyFrankie: I wish you could see me like I see you. You think I don’t see a thing. But the truth is that I see way more without eyes than I did when I could see the world around me. Without my eyes, I have to see with my heart. I feel everything. When I find someone who is breathing with awareness they literally light up my world. I can find my way with them in an instant. Live from your hearts and you will find that you will see so much more. I wish you the gift of deep seeing. My blindness doesn’t handicap me at all. It allowed me to know something I’d never have found otherwise.



December 4, 2016

Lucy, African Grey GooseLucy, Goose: I wish that we could remember a truth that the Earth holds deep within the soil.  That flowers are always there even when we can’t see them.  That life is fully contained in the tiny space of a seed.  And even when that seed is buried deep in the soil in the coldest of winters, it is still awaiting just the right conditions to grow and bloom once again.  Hope is the same way.  It is never ever gone.  It just needs the right conditions to flourish and to sprout into light and grace again.  Now be honest, you didn’t expect that from a goose did you? 






December 3, 2016

Gypsy, Thoroughbred mareGypsy: I sometimes wish that time could go slower. I have been here a long time – in this life and at this farm. But no matter how much longer I will live, I will wish it could be longer. I didn’t always feel that way. When I was young I was reckless. I ran from everything and had to be first at all costs. But years have taught me to compromise. I have found a different wisdom within myself that I never knew was there. As age has taken my eyesight and most of my hearing, it has not dulled the life within me. My light remains bright. I am more connected to my soul than ever before. And I wish I could be here longer to see the greatness of what is becoming and unfolding around me. I wish I could be here to feel the joy in the hearts of my human friends when they realize the grandness of what they have created and they really see who and where they are. I will know that I helped. And I wish they will know that no matter where I am, I am still near to them always. 




December 2, 2016

Leo, donkeyLeo: My wish is that when I watch a beautiful sunset that seems to fill the air with beauty, that I could make that moment last forever. I wish I could store it up inside of me so that I could pull it out on days when its cloudy and raining and I think it will never end. I wish I could save it so that when my friends are having doubts about the beauty of this world, that I could just pull out that sunset and the feeling of oneness and give it to them to feel. Yes, that would be a great gift to be able to give. 






December 1, 2016

Mack, Border CollieMack: I have spent a lifetime wishing for things actually. What I learned on the journey though is that wishing wasn’t quite enough. I wished to run free and I did. I ended up lost and alone for months. I wished to be found. And I was, but I was injured in a way that made it so no one wanted me. I wished for friends. And I found them. But then I realized that I had to be a friend to have a friend. It’s not enough to just wish for something. You need to be able to give it as well. What you most wish for is quite possibly also the thing you most need to give or be in this world. That is my thought anyway.








November 30, 2016

Mystic, Thoroughbred mareMystic: I am happy to answer this because I once could only wish that I’d be able to take one more breath and I never knew if it would be my last one. Sometimes wishes need to be small and basic because that is what we need most.  And other times, wishes need to be as large as the sky. I wish that everyone lost can feel found and loved. I wish that pain can be made easy. I wish that people could look at horses and see us for our gentleness and our connection to humans – not for sport but for the simple pleasure of learning from each other. I wish that everyone had respect for everyone else. And all of those wishes I just listed ….. I wish they were the most basic of wishes rather than a wish as far away as the stars.





November 29, 2016

O'Malley catO’Malley: I have a mighty big wish. I wish that I had an opportunity to have a minute with every human who wants to feel a little more of their own humanity. Because I have made it my wish every day to make a difference in my world. I’ve been blessed with this amazing cat form. And I have been gifted with the power of the purr and joy of life itself. I have only one mandate in this life and that is to share those things as much as I can. If things get serious, I bring laughter. If someone is not listening, I wake them up with a little nip. Just a little one. I was given a heart to know love. I was given a purr to spread love. I wish you’d come see me. Because the only thing I know how to do is share what I came to share. 




November 28, 2016

Sage, white goatSage: I wish that everyone could move a bit more slowly and with appreciation.  We can be having the most amazing sunny day with the best grass to nibble on and wonderful smells in the air, and people come and rush us along.  It took my goat friends and I a while to realize that they actually didn’t notice.  It’s not that they didn’t care but they never even stopped to look.  We are all appreciative of the sun coming up each day.  We appreciate the rain.  We appreciate all the things in life that are miraculously happening every day.  I wish that people would stop moving around so fast and take notice.  If they did, the entire world would be a different place. 





November 27, 2016

Molly, ponyMolly: I wish people could see their own worth. People saw me as worthless because I could no longer see. But what I lack in eyesight, I gained in vision. Because I found a life for myself that wasn’t based on how I could serve someone else’s needs. Truth is, I never could fulfill their dreams for them. When I went blind, I became worthless. But what I discovered was that they were actually the ones blind to me.  Through people who saw me for who I am and not for what I could give, I discovered myself – the real me. And I discovered that I had way more to give than anyone ever knew. I wish that everyone could find their own self-worth. Because all of you are worthy and there is not a single one who is not. 









November 26, 2016

Noah, donkeyNoah: I wish for any heart that feels empty to know fulfillment. I wish for anyone stuck in pain to find joy and healing. I wish for those who feel despair to find hope. I wish for people to stop hating one another for things they don’t even understand separate them. You think because you are different that you can’t relate to one another.  But you fail to see that you are all the same. You are all souls struggling to understand who you are and why you are here. I wish you could find the answer to this so that you’d stop running everything over in your path and that the world could find joy and healing and hope. 






November 25, 2016

Ivy, calico catIvy: I wish for quiet in a world of lots of noise. I wish I knew how to say something wise. I have lived a long time and I have seen lots of things and met lots of people. I have seen lots of cats come and go and I have sat with some as they left this world. Humans seem not to be comfortable in silence. But it is in the silence that truth can more easily be found. The more you fill your space with noise, the harder it is for you to hear your own breath and heartbeat. I wish for a more quiet world so that more people could find their way more easily. 





November 24, 2016 - Happy Thanksgiving

Jeremy, grey Arabian geldingJeremy: My wish is that we could all wish for something together and really mean it.  If all of us wished for a world of love and compassion – guess what? – we’d have it in no time.  Wishes are not folly.  They are not foolishness.  Wishes are real.   Once you wish for it, believe it is true, and it will be.  The power is not in the wish itself.  It is in the belief that it is happening.  Sometimes when our wishes come true, it doesn’t look like it at first, because it comes in a different door than we expected.  That is where trust and belief come in.  Let’s all wish for love and believe it is already here.