Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary


1988 (est.) - 2005

Simon, goat

Photograph by Suzanne Hannah Gold


What Does it Mean to Live in Harmony?

By Simon

Living in harmony has nothing to do with being friends with everyone. It has nothing to do with liking everyone. But it has everything to do with respecting everyone as being different, and accepting those differences as being just that….. differences.

The Earth is crying out for harmony. There are many examples of harmony all around you. In your garden, plants, even ones that antagonize one another or compete for the same space, do so out of an understanding of harmony. Harmony is simply living life with understanding and respect. As a goat, in our barn, we all understood the need for this. We didn’t all like each other. In fact, many of us had great differences with one another. But the one thing we understood was being part of something greater than ourselves. We each knew and understood that we were all family in the same home. We were all beings on the Earth. And in that respect, we are all brothers and sisters.

I have lived in many lifetimes and eras. Never have I seen the urgency for harmony as critical as it is now. And never have I seen the world so close to achieving this harmonic re-emergence. It is a grand reawakening. Many lifetimes I have lived in a stable and I have seen much change occur in these stables. Not just with the animals, but with the humans. Stables, have been the beginning of many a great teacher. Because, in the stable, harmony is abundant, peace is understood, and beginnings are begun. Let peace and harmony be your way, your light, and your destination.